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IMPORTANT NOTE: Paranormal investigations are limited at present to reputable investigative
teams not just people "who want to spend a night in a haunted house."

Please provide us with a contact website or link whereby we can check your credentials.

The minimum number of investigators is six, more are fine. We now allow investigations on
weekdays as well as weekends.

To Set Up an Investigation Date:

1. Check the Event Calendar for open dates. The calendar is updated daily. Then e-mail
kycsa@accessky.net and request an open date. We will contact you with a reserved date for an
investigation with other necessary information.

2. Investigative costs are $ 50.00/person for an overnight stay. Money will only be refunded if the
Octagon Hall cancels the event.

3. We must receive a check or money order for the full amount at least 3 weeks prior to the
investigation. If additional team members wish to participate, we can work that out.

4. Due to insurance guidelines, we must have in the full names of all persons who will be on
property during your scheduled event when you submit your investigation request.

5. Bring your Photo ID at registration.

We are currently allowing novice investigators to stay overnight with an experienced investigation
team. Dates are random so contact us if interested.

New Insurance Policy: A staff member of the Octagon Hall may be on property during rented